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Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment, LLC is dedicated to the support of artists with the opportunities and services they need for their music careers to usher in the modern symphony.

Booking Services

We offer talent booking services for experienced and dedicated brands looking for representation.

Music Publishing

Get your music heard around the globe with our music publishing services. Your fans can listen to your music on their favorite streaming services. We’ll help you collect your royalties.

Digital Media Content

If you need animated logos, promotional videos, music videos, flyers let us help you! Our high quality content will really push your brand.



We provide many services such as booking, music publishing, promotion, marketing, music videos, blog write-ups, online radio streaming & more to help your music business standout for success! Our team of dedicated professionals will help you reach your goals and support your brand!

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Earn Money, discounts & make friends.
If you have a strong social media following, we want to work with you!

Bryan Walters
Brand Ambassador Bryan Walters

Looking to release your music?

Let us help you get your music to the world. Publishing your music and distributing it to over 45+ streaming platforms, radio play, submission to magazines/blogs, registering with the major PROs, and the US Copyright office. Submit your music below to get started!


The newest EDM online radio station with the hottest underground artists! More music to come. Our radio station is currently in Beta. Exciting new opportunities on the rise!

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