The Company

In 2018, owner Daniel Nave of Bad Wolf Entertainment and Keeley Tchaikovsky of Tchaikovsky Entertainment decided to form a partnership with their companies to combine talent, experience, resources and grow in the continuously evolving entertainment industry. In 2020, they went on to form Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment, LLC in order to expanding the services that they provide such as live events, audio production, video production, music publishing, video publishing, marketing to musicians, bands, producers and more.

Tchaikovsky Entertainment worked with some of the biggest legends in electronic music dance scene as well as host live events in the PNW and the west coast for nearly 2 decades. Bad Wolf Entertainment’s early days started in Knoxville, Tennessee then officially became a business in Washington state in 2015 where it would begin to develop the artist support platform that has grown today. In 2017, Bad Wolf Entertainment began to work its way in to the Denver dance music scene.

On Janurary 5, 2021, Keeley Tchaikovsky & Daniel Nave officially formed the company. Tchaikovsky – Bad Wolf Entertainment, LLC operates officially in Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington.

Keeley Tchaikovsky

Keeley has worked hard for nearly 2 decades in the music entertainment industry under Tchaikovsky Entertainment doing promotion, event hosting, festival creation, tour production, artist management, and more.

Keeley comes from a family of musicians and artists. She was inspired by her father in many ways including her love for music, and powerful imagination. Keeley is the great-granddaughter of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, composer of The Nutcracker Suite, Swan Lake, and more.

Keeley continues the momentum with the “modern-day symphony”, electronic dance music. Her continued support of creativity and love in the entertainment industry has truly inspired some of the biggest names in the industry.


Daniel Nave

Daniel has worked in the music industry for 18 years, starting his career in the entertainment industry in radio broadcasting at WJXB in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has worked as an on-air talent, musician, recording artist, producer, publisher, artist manager, podcast show host, production manager, event host, artist liaison, festival event staff and more throughout his career.

With his background in computer science with a concentration in web development and his love of music and entertainment, he earned 2 Associates Degrees in applied computer sciences from Fountainhead College of Technology, a Certificate in Radio and TV Broadcasting from Colorado Media School, and a Certificate from BerkleeX (Berklee College of Music) for “Introduction to the Music Business” to bring high-quality professional services to people looking to advance their music career.

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to the success of the entrepenuers of the music industry and share a passion for the art and community. Meet the team behind the magic.

J.P. Stegman

International Talent Ambassador

Artimus Seal

Chief Brand Ambassador

Zac Claxton

Director of Music
Music Label Division

Erik Horning

Jr. Talent Agent
EDM Blog Writer

Michael Pool

Jr. Talent Agent

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