Ironhide, a dubstep artist, is known for his heavy bass and aggressive style, often categorized under the dubstep genre. His music is characterized by a blend of Robotic and Tearout styled destruction, featuring signature Machine Gun basses that bring intensity and innovation to the dance floor. Some of his notable releases include “Grit” (2017), “Bass War (Ironhide Bootleg)” (2018), “Rise” (2018), “Activate” (2018), “BullShark” (2018), “Slaughter” (2018), and “Shred” (2019). Ironhide’s music is available on platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify, where listeners can experience his unique sound. He’s had numerous collaborations with known artist, Figure.

Created by a species far advanced to our own, in a dimension inaccessible to us, a greater being was born. A sentient lifeform forged from the very essence of vibration, the true nature of the universe. Such a beast of unbounding will could only be done justice by being sealed within an alloy avatar of a creature befitting of its true nature – the rhinoceros. The building blocks of sound were perfectly amalgamated and atomically intertwined with machine, meticulously crafted and pieced together by generations upon generations of master engineers. With its near indestructible outer-casing, the mechanoid rhino traverses the cosmos, destroying entire galaxies through the manipulation of sound. With It’s signature Machine Gun basses it brings a mix of Robotic and Tearout styled destruction to the dance floor…. Behold the supreme being that is – Ironhide.