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EPK Development

Need a new EPK or need one in general? We’ve got you covered!

Web Development

Need a website for your brand? Let us help you get to the next level!

Digial Media

If you need animated logos, promotional videos, music videos, flyers let us help you! Our high quality content will really push your brand.

Blog Article

Need a blog article to highlight your next big thing? Let us write you an article you can share.

Digital Marketing

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Online Radio

Want your music heard by more people? Our new underground EDM radio station is the next big thing!

Social Media Marketing

We can help boost your brand on social media! Our expert social media team will help you optimize your channels!

Artist Development

Artist development services encompass a range of strategic and practical support aimed at nurturing and advancing the careers of emerging artists in the music industry. These services are designed to help artists grow their skills, expand their reach, and achieve their full potential in a competitive market.